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Reverse BigBang - I put a Spell on You

My secend entry in spn_reversebang Thanks again everyone at the community that gives us this posibillity to work together and creat something beautiful.

This time I had pleasure of working with zara_zee hope that everyone will like the story as much as I did.

So lets begin.
My orginal prompt for this round:
Fandom: RPS
Title of prompt: I didn't MEAN to
Rating of Art: this is pg
Highest Rating Fic Can Be: NC-17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Characters: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
Warnings: from my side I don't have any warnings.
Short description of art: Jensen and Jared are working/studying in the same place, but while Jared doesn't notice Jensen, his Magic does.

And now let's move to the finished story!
Author: zara_zee
Artist: bumerbmw
Beta: 9tiptoes
Genre: Slash, AU, Fantasy, Romance
Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~17,500
Disclaimer: I have borrowed the names and faces of certain actors without their knowledge or approval. Said actors belong to themselves and I have merely cast them in my fiction. Not a word of this is true; I’ve just got them playing parts.
Title credits: Story Title-Jay Hawkins song of the same name. Chapter titles-Chapters
from the book Malleus Maleficarum
and here are our boys all happy:

this is the tattoo that boys get, but to know more about it you will have to read the story!

some icons this time too:
 photo icon7_zps5a21684f.jpg photo icon5_zps9dd4bd1d.jpg photo icon2_zps31a5ae37.jpg photo icon1_zps58310100.jpg photo icon3_zps7183a079.jpg photo icon6_zpse03b518e.jpg photo icon4_zps0fa2180b.jpg
Tags: art, bigbang, j2, jared padalecki, jensen ackles
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